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In 2019 alone, hundreds of animals were seized from neglect and abuse in Maine. Thanks to the work of animal shelters and animal welfare laws, domestic animals have a fair chance of escaping these horror stories.  Unfortunately, farmed animals have fewer legal protections, fewer advocates, and fewer places capable of taking them in.  

The tragedy of this is not only in the needless suffering of these animals; it is also in the loss of connection between human and non-human. It is not only possible but beneficial to live symbiotically with farmed animals without ever exploiting them. Pigs, cows, poultry, goats, and equines are excellent tillers and fertilizers of soil, managers of forest waste, and repellers of pest species. Working with them, we are able to manage our land without machinery while also benefiting from the unconditional love and forgiveness that only animals can provide.  

We believe that all livings creatures deserve the respect and security that comes from having a single loving home.  We are proud to provide this home for our animals who would otherwise have very different fates.  

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Why Do We Offer Sanctuary?

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