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Darrowby Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located on almost 100 acres of wooded land in Jefferson, Maine.  Formerly owned by the artists Ted and Consuelo Hanks, who, after a tornado in the 1970's blew down the elm trees surrounding their house, changed the name of their home from Windy Elms to Windrush Farm, it is now the home of Andy and Amanda Glenn-Theriault, two children, a constantly fluctuating number of dog guests, and several rescued farm animals.  

Andy and Amanda are both former teachers who, upon moving to this property in 2018, felt moved to practice protective stewardship on their land, and to use it to foster nurturing and beneficial relationships with animals that would have otherwise lived lives of exploitation.  

Spanning both sides of the road, the property is a safe haven for turkeys, deer, moose, owls, and other, unseen, animals. As we collaborate with our farmed animals to make use of the land for gardening and grazing, we do so in a way that has minimal impact on our animal neighbors. Our property maintenance is driven by our mission to live symbiotically with-- and without exploitation of-- other species.  

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