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In caring for the animals, people, and the land, we create an environment that alleviates suffering, and promotes peaceful systems of living.


By sharing options for animal welfare, land use, silviculture, and long life animal care, we will educate our members and visitors and encourage them to adapt their own behavior


By promoting lifestyles, diets, animal care practices, and land management that respects all aspects of our ecosystem and economy, we will encourage changes in food, land, and farm culture.


Alleviating the suffering of animals creates peace in people. We will approach our work with the goal of doing the least harm and the most good to create peace in our world.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values



Darrowby Farm Sanctuary provides a safe and lifelong home for farmed animals, and educates people about living a mutually beneficial life with those animals in ways that do not use them for food or forced labor.


We envision a world in which all living beings are treated with respect and care, and in which humans interact with animals in ways that work to alleviate suffering. We see farmed animals as deserving of long lives alongside humans in symbiotic relationships that honor the connection between people, animals, and the land.

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