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Please consider a donation to support our residents. Each year we go through $5000 in bedding to keep them warm, $12,000 in feed, $4,000 in hay, and tens of thousands of dollars in veterinary and farrier fees. All public donations go directly towards helping our residents. 

The Numbers

$40 buys hay for one horse for a week.

$11 buys one bale of straw to keep one pig warm for a week.

$25 buys:

hay for two goats and a donkey for a week,


one bag of feed for one pig for two weeks,


one bag of  bird feed for two weeks.


one bag of feed for one horse for one week.

$6500 buys six months of medical care for one geriatric equine.

$255 buys one farrier visit for three horses and a donkey.

$200 buys one month of medications for one horse and one donkey.

$105 buys one round of dewormer for 13 pigs.

$75 pays for one farm call veterinary fee, medications and treatment not included.

$150 buys one month of fly relief for horses, pigs, and goats in the summer. 

$353 buys spring vaccinations for one horse.

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Support our Residents
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