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Kavalier and Clay


Kavalier and Clay, named for Michael Chabon's escape artist and his partner, came to us because their favorite hobby was escaping from the hobby farm that was their home.

Brothers who were bought from the back seat of a car, they could have ended up anywhere, but we are so lucky that they came to us. Arriving shortly after our first little boy piglet, Gilbert, they quickly formed a Small Pig Gang, and while we require that all new residents undergo a quarantine period, Kavalier and Clay decided to show off their escapist talents by tunneling out of their quarantine area again and again and again until we finally had to concede that they were simply part of the herd. Their utter joy the first time they jogged the entire perimeter of the pasture was matched only by our relief as they clearly agreed that our space is large enough that they can hang up their escapist hats for now. 

While Clay is shy and doesn't care for face pats, Kavalier has learned to love snuggles, and will be one of the first pigs to come running if we sit down for some Small Pig Tummy Rubs. He is content to stand still with his body against us, showing his brother that we're safe, teaching him that everything here is pretty okay. 

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