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Flash is a flashy guy, a real metropolitan type who has found himself living the life of a country horse and taking to it quite well. Flash came to us as a permanent foster through Maple Hill Farms after he was diagnosed with a severe navicular issue. He and Chey share this condition, though his mobility is fairly undisturbed, especially when galloping across the pasture after a rainy day spent in the paddock. 

Rumor has it that Flash was at the bottom of his former herd's hierarchy, but he seems to have decided to redefine himself at Darrowby. He is certain that he has the right to eat first, to demand pats first, to be groomed first, and even to see the farrier first. Despite being about half Jay's weight, Flash has decided that he is King Horse, and neither of the others seem to feel like questioning his sovereignty, although Chey will draw the line when she's had enough of his shenanigans for one day.

Despite this attitude with the other horses, Flash is our most gentle, most gregarious, most trustworthy soul when children visit. He adores all humans, but he especially loves children and seems to have an affinity for babies. He has an instinct for gentleness that makes him a beautiful ambassador, and a boy of whom we are so proud. 

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