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Emily, Lucy Pevensie, & Mr. Tumnus


Emily and her goats are a family. They arrived at Darrowby in January of 2022 after being the pets of an elderly owner who knew that finding them a new home was the best thing for everyone's future. 

Emily has the temperament of an affectionate cat; she sidles up to us to receive scritches on her neck and back, and backs into our hands if we stop too soon. She has a significant weight issue to manage, as so many donkeys, who are desert animals, do when fed a lifetime of rich grass. She's receiving treatment to support her thyroid and her insulin, which we hope will help improve her fallen crest (the mane line along an equine's neck, which falls out of shape in cases of metabolic trouble).

While many people think it's a good idea to pasture a donkey with smaller animals for protection, Emily has made it clear that she finds protection from her goat family. In situations of stress she can be found standing behind Mr. Tumnus, who is almost her size and, frankly, seems a little overwhelmed by this promotion in rank. He is brother to Lucy, and is the thoughtful one of the two; he doesn't like surprises, prefers lots of space between him and humans, especially those who have recently made him have his vaccines, and likes to dive for cover first and ask questions later. Lucy is our effervescent explorer, who skips here and there, challenges her brother to head-butting games, and likes to be neck-deep in the hay when it's served. She's a little underweight, so she currently wears two blankets, neither of which slow her down. These three will never be separated, and will continue their lives as the family they are. 

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