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Violet was a pig scramble piglet who was won but unwanted, and was posted on Craigslist being held up by one hind leg. Our friend Scott rescued her immediately, and as a piglet she slept in a bed on the floor beside him. After many happy years with her, Scott decided that the best environment for her would be one in which she could explore more, interact with other pigs more, and have more freedom to be a pig, so he asked us to take her in.

Violet is our largest pig at around 600 pounds, but she has a gentle soul and enjoys sleeping among the trees under the stars, spending time with the smaller pigs, and being inobtrusive. She came with a large, insulated, luxurious hut, but she immediately chose our smallest hut to claim as her own. She has to drop to her knees and Army-crawl to get in and out of it, but she cannot be convinced to swap. Like so many pigs, she knows her own mind and would thank us to leave her to attend to her own business. She sometimes limps on a hind leg or pulls it up sharply, clearly, the cruel person who posted her for free on Craigslist did not only pick her up by one leg once. Please let her story serve as a reminder that pig scrambles are inhumane, unethical, barbaric forms of "entertainment" that no human should condone. 

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