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Charlotte is another one of our pigs who came to us because her bad fortune ended up saving her life. When she was born, she was rejected by her mother. Robbie, a man who was working at her farm, found her, newly born, alone in the cold, and asked the farmer what he should do with her. The farmer replied, "It's not your problem," but we are so very grateful that Robbie made her his problem. Robbie and his girlfriend Lily wrapped Charlotte up, took her to a feed store, and bottle-raised her from the day of her birth. This is not an easy task, and requires knowledge and round-the-clock care. Robbie and Lily saved Charlotte's life not with a single act but with their love for her for eight months of her life.

As she got closer to adulthood, Charlotte started showing behaviors that meant that her rescuers needed to find a more pig-friendly environment to keep her safe and happy. When she arrived at Darrowby, she had never met another pig, and it took her awhile to figure out who her new neighbors were. While she prefers to sleep alone and takes long walks to the far ends of the pasture, she is good friends with Gilbert, and she loves to run up to us and give us her special kisses with her incredibly strong snout. We love her speckled face and her mouse ears, and her ability to play by herself like a true independent spirit.

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