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The Empress


The Empress, named for P.G. Wodehouse's Empress of Blandings, is a Gloucester Old Spot who was born in March of 2016. She and Viola were the first pigs to come to Darrowby, and her name became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Empress is our Head Pig; she is the true matriarch of our herd. She is a formidable foe to any pig foolish enough to want to challenge her position, but she forgives and forgets and is a leader for all pigs, not only the pigs who accept her authority without protest. She is protective of her charges, makes several rounds a day to check on each hut, each pig, and each gate, and is a loving sister to Viola, who due to an injury at birth is less steady on her feet than her peers. The Empress always knows where Viola is, and though Viola likes to hop from one "bedroom" to another several times a day, The Empress never loses track of her and always beds down next to her. The Empress has an enthusiastic snore, and on summer nights can be heard announcing her deep sleep from a great distance. In the summer, The Empress can be hard to find, as she loves going deep into the woods and taking a nap in the stream, but she's willing to come running, her giant ears flapping over her eyes, when there's food involved. She is an inspiring mix of self-confidence and noblesse oblige, and we wish we could be more like her. 

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